We are committed to minimising our environmental impact, promoting sustainability, and giving back to our local community.

Here’s how we practice what we preach:

  • We use locally sourced, seasonal produce where possible and let the availability of produce guide our seasonal menu.

  • We make an effort to really get to know our suppliers and their practices, and are proud to show them off. Velvet’s Manager V can often be spotted picking up produce from the roadside sellers near her house on the way to work.

  • We serve our coffee and food in packaging that is either compostable or biodegradable. We sell keep cups, drink bottles, tote bags and other reusable items (available to purchase in store) and encourage customers to bring in their own keep cups and mugs. Online shop coming soon.

  • We want to make it easy for our customers to take care of themselves and the environment and offer fresh, healthy, nourishing, sustainably produced food that is also affordable and fast. We also offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options.